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Live Free and Clear with the Whittlesey Dental Care treatment that’s virtually unnoticeable with less hassle

An illustration showing how dental implants are placed near Peterborough

The choice is clear

Virtually unnoticeable

Small, low-profile, translucent brackets are designed to blend in with the natural color of your teeth.

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Less work

There are no trays to keep track of or excessive maintenance required beyond normal brushing or flossing.

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Eat and drink whenever you want

Invisible aligners should be removed and reinserted for every meal, drink*, or snack. Clear braces are less hassle.

*excludes water

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Always in, always working

When trays aren’t in your mouth, they're not working. Clear braces stay in place, so your treatment's always advancing.

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Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces fit your lifestyle

Ultra small with rounded corners to reduce rubbing and irritation₁
Resist staining and discoloration throughout treatment₂
Lowest profiles in the industry₃ for a more comfortable fit

Payment Options

Single Arch Starts from £2500

Dual Arch Starts from £3000

Finance 0% interest
Patient Finance and Interest-Free Credit

Patients expect to have a clear idea of dental charges, and we believe that it’s not only reasonable, but it makes great sense to us too. Patients who feel they can trust the dentist are more likely to have their dental care.

Treatment Procedure

All our patients receive a written itemised treatment plan

Prices do vary as every patient is different BUT you will pay exactly what is on your treatment plan

Nobody beats our 365 days a year Dental Charges

We offer monthly payment plans and 0% Finance (terms apply)

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